Launched as a conduit for culinary inspiration, this site is an ever-evolving and growing collective of kitchen creatives.  If you are passionate about food and drink then you will feel right at home here. 

In these pages you will find many techniques and recipes to support you in your culinary journey.

Our Story

My Gurl & Me saw it’s beginnings at local farmers' markets in Westminster, MD in 2012.  Being creative at heart, MGM originally focused on homemade soaps, lotions, and artwork. While cooking has always been a passion, launching a culinary program was not yet on our radar. 

In 2016, I was approached about an opportunity to begin teaching cooking classes at a restaurant in Westminster, MD. Even though I had not taught classes before, I had many recipes that I had developed over the years. I accepted the challenge, and ended up loving the requirement to be constantly developing new recipes. As my recipe collection grew, I decided to redirect MGM’s focus toward the culinary realm.

Looking Ahead

We are actively developing new recipes to prepare for an online school and related product line launch involving individual recipes, ebooks, and a complete cookbook. The exact dates will be announced in the coming months through our newsletter. In addition, we have a new location in Westminster, Maryland where we will be teaching a selection of our cooking classes! Some of our courses are now being taught at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD. Classes taught at Carroll Community College will be posted in our online school the following semester.

It's all about YOU

The focus of MGM is to not only develop new recipes, but to help home chefs dabbling in the culinary realm with issues that may arise during cooking. We provide tips in the newsletter to help remedy common cooking problems that occur. 

We would love to hear about questions or issues that you may encounter while cooking!  You can share these with us via our contact page.  We're here to help!