Custom Designs Featuring Company Logos

Our exclusive partnership with another local business, located in Hagerstown, MD - Rebecca Baer, Inc. - has provided the ability to do custom cake designs.  Featured below is a cake, made as a gift, for a local IT company located in Calverton, MD - Steel Point Solutions, LLC.

We will be working with Rebecca Baer, Inc., in the near future, to create a course showing how to use their original stencils to customize your cakes.

Rebecca Baer, Inc.

In a marketplace full of choices Rebecca’s art stencils rise above the commonplace. She offers a range of patterns with varying degrees of intricacy and price points to suit your needs. Many of her stencils include a collection of elements to provide you with a variety of options on a single sheet. With varying degrees of intricacy and price points, you are certain to find many to suit your needs.